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About Digital Trust Lab©

DTL’s Platform is an open network orchestration and service delivery software platform for multi-vendor physical and virtual network infrastructure that automates service provisioning, simplifies network management and facilitates the smooth shift to modern technologies. It enables Service Providers to control and orchestrate Customer’s traffic and provide additional per-Customer network services.

The SDN solution allows Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to automate the provisioning of Carrier Ethernet (CE) services (L2VPNs, Pseudo-wires, etc.)

Digital Trust Lab© helps CSP to reduce CAPEX by using merchant silicon switches from NoviFlow instead of costly and over-functional MPLS-routers, and reduces OPEX by automation of network service provisioning, end-to-end service management and unification of equipment.

The Fastest Innovative Blockchain Solution

The platform that provides the highest speed for blockchain-based infrastructure equals to several seconds.
We help companies build networks with the flexibility and scalability that they need to be ready for the IoT and the future of the digital world.

DTL’s blockchain-powered SDN-enabled networking infrastructure provides the integration between blockchain-based security and autonomy management layer and multi-controller SDN networking layer is defined to enhance the integrity of the control and management messages.

Infrastructure for a validation of blocks

Consensus, as a key aspect in blockchain, involves determining the ordering of events in a network and coming to agreement on that order. A node which contributes to the network by doing work needed to “seal” the blocks of transactions and thus confirm them, producing new coins in the process. In modern blockchain systems, this process requires specifically configured hardware.

Digital Trust Lab provides infrastructure deployment for both types of consensus mechanisms in various blockchain networks: proof of work (PoW) and proof of stake (PoS). Servers’ configuration is determined based on the customer’s technical project for each specific blockchain.

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